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Litivox™ Mini Portable Kinetic Heater

Litivox™ Mini Portable Kinetic Heater

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Now, with the Litivox™ Mini Portable Kinetic Heater, you can stay warm anywhere, anytime and save a tremendous amount on electricity bills. Say goodbye to waking up to snowy homes and cars on chilly mornings!

In the last ten years, about 36 significant snow-related disasters have occurred annually, primarily affecting the northern and northeastern regions. Escalating electricity costs have burdened individuals with substantial heating bills each year. Additionally, tens of thousands of vehicles face operational issues or become immobilized due to ice annually. These snow-related disasters contribute to vehicle damage, increased wear and tear, and a rise in traffic accidents.


 Brad Dotson shared pictures of his car journey using the Litivox™ Portable Kinetic Heater. Congratulations on the success!

“This is hands down the best shopping experience I've ever had! I ordered these de-icing gadgets two weeks ago, and they processed my order right away. They come equipped with a temperature sensor, automatically kicking in when the temperature drops too low, so no manual operation is needed. This means no more scraping ice and frost off my windshield and windows. While my neighbors are out battling snowstorms to clear snow from their cars, I'm grateful I invested in these de-icers. What I particularly love is the robust defrosting effect they provide on my windshield, especially when driving at night, significantly enhancing safety and visibility. A fantastic product that I'll wholeheartedly recommend to everyone!”

As the electricity prices have been skyrocketing, my meager pension couldn't keep up with the rising costs of heating. I decided to give this de-icer a try. It's rechargeable and solar-powered, helping me save a significant amount on heating and snow removal expenses each year. When the temperature drops too low, it quickly raises my room from 10°F to 72°F within 15 minutes. This de-icer actually covers my entire apartment. After a heavy snowstorm, my roof was covered in snow, so I turned it on. Two hours later, the snow on my roof and in front of my door had melted away, eliminating the need for dangerous rooftop work. It's incredibly safe and runs quieter than my air purifier, ensuring it doesn't disrupt my sleep. I've only had it for three days, but I've already fallen in love with it. - Judy Fecko
The worsening climate situation calls for proactive measures. Get ahead by preparing preventive strategies—explore the latest solutions available in 2023.
In the midst of extreme cold and blizzard conditions, it's crucial to understand the multitude of challenges that arise. These conditions not only affect indoor temperatures and roofs but also pose serious issues for vehicles. Frozen door handles, obscured windshields due to heavy snow, and in severe instances, cars might be entirely buried under 1.3 meters of snow. These challenges emphasize the necessity for dependable solutions to combat the cold.
Fortunately, there is an extraordinary solution now available - the Kinetic Molecular Antifreeze Heating Device! It can keep your home warm and prevent roof snow buildup. You can also place it in your vehicle to prevent freezing and being buried under snow.

The Secret to Preventing Homes and Cars from Getting Stuck in Ice and Snow - Latest Research Findings from NASA

Key Technologies of the Kinetic Molecular Anti-freeze Heater:

The Litivox™ Mini Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater showcases a cutting-edge dual-loop suspension system crafted by NASA. Upon activation, these loops generate molecular rotational motion, releasing kinetic energy. This energy not only inhibits water molecules from freezing but also effectively heats up the environment, serving a fundamental heating purpose.
As these rings gracefully rotate, they orchestrate a mesmerizing conversion of kinetic energy. This harnessed energy is skillfully directed into a soft, comforting warmth. It's a demonstration of advanced technology in action, effortlessly converting kinetic energy into the inviting, cozy heat that embraces your surroundings, guaranteeing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Practical and stylish car accessories

The Litivox™ Mini Portable Kinetic Heater, when applied to your vehicle, harnesses rotational kinetic energy to prevent water molecules from freezing and creates a cozy warmth. In winter's cold, it automatically activates upon sensing a drop in air temperature. Utilizing advanced aerospace technology, it rapidly clears snow and ice from your car, eliminating the hassle of searching for your vehicle in snowy mornings. Powered by solar energy or fast USB charging, just 15 minutes of charging provides a month's worth of energy. Its effortless installation suits all vehicle types, from luxury sedans to off-road SUVs, economy cars, and even motorhomes, making the Litivox™ Heater a versatile and accessible addition to any vehicle.

The Litivox™ Mini Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater's portability extends its reach from your car to your home, swiftly warming spaces within 500 square feet in under 5 minutes. Depend on it to maintain a cozy home temperature during winter, effectively reducing your yearly electricity expenses. Additionally, it prevents costly repairs from roof damage, house collapse, leaks, and other issues caused by snow accumulation on roofs.

The Litivox™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater isn't just portable and stylish—it offers versatility with two power supply options: solar power and fast USB charging. This economically efficient solution allows a full charge within 2 hours of ample sunlight or a rapid 15-minute charge when connected to a power source. One charge sustains a month's use. Beyond efficient and safe heating, it supports a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Customers' lives have changed after using Litivox™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater:

I bought this product just in time for the first (of many!) snows and ice in Erie, PA - a few days before it arrived we already had a thick layer of ice on our handlebars and The windshield was also frozen. By the end of the day, there was a thick layer of ice on top. We then had to work in the parking lot for over half an hour. This de-icer can melt almost any ice cube without any effort required. It's also wide enough to cover the rear doors and rear windows, leaving no annoying ice patches anywhere. Great product! highly recommended! (As someone who moved from Florida who moved up north, this works wonders! This has to be one of the best investments I've ever made especially since my old car tends to get icy real quick)

 --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michigan, Jordan Jones

I'm very happy to get this. It came in just in time for me to use during the ice storm that lasted the entire month. I'm a 74-year-old woman who lives alone and I don't have the energy or time to clean my car all morning and just go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Now, I get up every morning and get in my car like winter never came. My neighbors are still scraping thick ice and snow off their car windows, and I feel so bad that I’ll send each of them a link to purchase.

 --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London, Caleb Austin

What makes Litivox™ Mini Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater the best choice?

  • NASA's authoritative aerospace technology
  • Will not interfere with or affect in-car electronic devices
  • No radiation, no side effects on the human body
  • A comfortable temperature of 75°F And 360° All-Round Deicing
  • Stylish appearance and easy-to-install
  • Two power supply modes: solar power and 15-minute fast chargings
  • Preventing fogged car windows
  • The best heating options for scenarios like unexpected power outages,
    your car, the living room, office, outdoor work, parties, and adventures
Applicable models: all
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